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Ray Samurai

super smash bros plush mother characters ideas

228px-Paula Polestar Clay


234px-Jeff Andonuts Clay


258px-Kumatora Clay




Lucas; Ryuka(Clear)


additional mother characters for super smash bros plush

returning mother characters for super smash bros plush

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Ray Samurai
i know will have a poll to see what mother character should be in super smash bros plush look im sorry i just want most of my perdictions to be in super smash bros plush was that so worng this poll will deside what mother character will be in super smash bros plush ep 8 and what mother character will be in super smash bros plush ep 9 and what mother character will be in super smash bros plush ep 10

i will ever make plushles and take pictures of them im begging you please put more characters in super smash bros plush we need more characters 


We can't get all of those, but here are some plushes we are considering -

1. Zelda:

2. Ness:

3. Rosalina:

4. Amiibos: Amiibos may be involved in SSBP, so that we could include some characters who we could never include before, i.e. Marth, Villager, Captain Falcon, Pit, etc

If you'd like us to buy one of these, maybe we will, but please don't choose more than one.

that ness plush is so fake
Earthbound Ness Lucas plushes by pandari


how about makeing your own mother plushles

look it wont feel like super smash bros show unless you add more characters please we need more characters and thrid party characters and clone characters deal with it  


just add more characters please please please please please please please i beg you

Marth fire emblem plush by plushiecafe-d4ocb73

marth plush


pit plush

Captain Falcon Plushie by Bleu Ninja

captain falcon plush

someone allready made a marth plush a pit plush and a captain falcon plush
But we can't buy those. PLEASE stop suggesting homemade plushes unless they are on eBay or Amazon for a reasonable price.

We CAN'T make any plush you want us to. It is really hard to make a homemade plush. I realize that the Ness plush isn't official, but it's homemade and has a reasonable price on eBay. It's the only way we're ever going to add Ness to the roster. We've made a Lucas plush, but it was so hard to make, and didn't turn out perfectly.

We have all the third party characters that are in SSB4 and more, so WHY do you think it doesn't feel like Smash? Also, we don't have anything against clones (as we don't have to make a moveset for them), we just can't add all of them because there hasn't been a plush made of every one. We're not spending a million dollars on plushes that are hard to find, and we're not good enough at making plushes. We're also unwilling to deal with someone on Deviantart who does make these plushes.

Just choose from the list of plushes I sent you earlier. Those are the only ones we're at ALL willing to get. You're being really ungrateful for the money and work we put into the series.

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